I’m in a Helicopter!

Over Labor Day weekend I went on vacation with my beautiful girlfriend to Myrtle Beach, SC and stayed at her condo.  We had a great time going to the beach, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, playing mini golf, eating at Hook’s Calabash buffet, hitting the clubs!  It was a great vacation!  On Sunday though we went ahead and put the icing on the cake!

20090906_0228It was a cloudy and sometimes drizzly day, but we didn’t let that get us down and still found plenty to do.  Late that afternoon we went to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaretville and had a couple margaritas as I would have been mad at myself to be so close to one and to not have gone.  After we left we were both feeling pretty good on the drive home when we approached the airport and saw the signs that had been taunting us all week.

Helicopter Rides!  $20 it said!  We had seen the signs earlier in the week and simply dismissed them, but this time was different.  We had both never been in a helicopter and wanted to go, and with a slight buzz in our systems we decided to check it out.

As we had expected the $20 ride was basically a quick ride up and then down but for a little bit more the rides were much better.  The people running the place then enticed us further with the Labor Day weekend special they were running so we said “Fuck it!” and went for it!

The helicopter was a real small 4-seater, the kind you’d totally die in a crash in.  As we approached the chopper we looked at each other like are we really going to do this?  We got in and the pilot handed us our headsets, introduced himself, and we were off!  The helicopter took right off the ground and moved smoothly into a forward climb.  We reached 700 feet and held then picked up speed reaching 120 MPH.  The pilot pointed out everything as we circled the city then flew over the ocean.  Despite the less than ideal weather, the view was spectacular!  We descended quickly but smoothly as we approached the airport and touched down for a nice gentle landing.  What a great ride!  The experience really made the vacation a memorable one!

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