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Case Lighting with the CorsairLink Lighting Node and h100i CPU Cooler

Introduction Feeling like my computer needed some modifications I decided it was time to add some lighting to it.  With that big window in the side of it, adding some lights to show off the hardware inside just made sense.  … Continue reading

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A View from the Curiosity Rover on Mars

Today I ran across this article about the Curiosity Rover on Mars and they had this really cool 360 degree panorama on the page that shows the view.  I thought it so cool that I wanted to share it here!  … Continue reading

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Twitch Streamin’ and YouTubein’

Several months ago I discovered the live video gaming streaming service through the Battlefield Podcast. Over several episodes I would hear that they were doing the podcast live over so I decided to check it out. After browsing … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Trailer

This morning Rockstar Games released the first gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5.  After watching this trailer I have to say the game looks amazing and I’m eagerly waiting for the September 17th release!  Have a look below. The … Continue reading

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Camping at Mohican

Last weekend my girlfriend, a couple of friends and I went to Mohican for some fun camping, canoeing and hiking.  I had never been to Mohican before so it was all new to me and I found myself pleasantly surprised.  … Continue reading

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