End of March = New House

Yep that’s right.  I am now a homeowner.  Happened a lot quicker than I had expected, but it happened. I picked myself up a nice lil’ bungalow on a lil’ over an acre here in the hometown.  3 bed, 2 bath, full basement 2 car garage, not too shabby overall.  It also has a 30×30 ft barn in the back to store my toys so I’m pretty happy.  The quad and Solstice will have plenty of room to live in during the winter.  Heck I could still fit another couple of cars in there if I wanted to!

At this point I’m still not moved in.  The house is in good shape, but it was built in 1959 and it looks like it.  The colors inside… in a word, suck.  Also, none of the outlets are grounded (no third wire) which is no good.  Can’t run a computer or a big flat panel TV off 2 wires.  Well not safely anyway.  The place needs updating.

So far we’ve completed the wiring.  Each of the rooms now has at least one grounded outlet positioned well for the equipment intended to be used with them.  I installed some coax cable for satellite TV (there was no coax in the house before) and installed some CAT 6 cable for my home network.  No wireless LAN for me.  It’s all about gigabit!  In each bedroom I put in two Ethernet jacks and in the living room there is six.  Two are on one side of the room and the other four are on the other side over by where the TV will be.  The way I figure it, the A/V receiver I’m looking at is network enabled, so is the PS3, the media center PC and the HD DVR box so that’s 4 devices that will need a port.  Yeah I could use a switch and 1 port, but hey while the wall is ripped up, why not?  The basement now looks like a server room with all the LAN cables converging in one spot, but that’s cool with me.

Painting is going to start soon as well as some remodeling I think.  I say I think because my parents picked out some tile and some counter tops for the kitchen so this could get a lot more involved than just painting.  Hopefully though it’ll all get done in the next 3 weeks or so.  With the weather getting nice again, I’m ready to party!

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