DVI to HDMI Cables. Must be the Expensive Kind!

20080131_0074Having the fancy new 1080p LCD TV I now needed a DVI to HDMI cable so I could hook my computer up to it.  I picked one up off NewEgg (great place to get these kind of things for cheap) and about 3 days later it arrived.  I pulled it out of the package and it’s your standard DVI to HDMI cable as one would expect.  It’s hooked up and it works great but, I noticed something strange on the packaging.  Take a look in the pictures and tell me if you can spot what’s wrong. 20080131_0075 It’s something one just wouldn’t expect on a product like this.  Have you spotted it yet?

Notice the USB 2.0 logo.  Why the hell would a DVI to HDMI cable have a USB 2.0 logo on it?  There’s nothing USB about the cable at all.  Even if you look in the diagram on the front, the only connection they show that isn’t HDMI is IEEE 1394 a.k.a. FireWire.  Where the heck does USB 2.0 come in?  I mean if it has the logo that’s suppose to mean the product is USB 2.0 certified.  How can a product that has nothing to do with USB be USB 2.0 certified?  Crazy!  Clearly this cable isn’t made by an American company.  Anyway, I got a kick out of it.  Hope you did too.

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