Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Trailer

This morning Rockstar Games released the first gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5.  After watching this trailer I have to say the game looks amazing and I’m eagerly waiting for the September 17th release!  Have a look below.

The size of this new world is incredible!  I’m glad to see they are bringing planes back to the game because it looks like you’re gonna need them just to traverse this huge world!  It also appears that there is a ton of non-story line content to the game as well like ATV riding (racing I’m sure) in the mountains, trading stocks, buying real estate, etc.  Seems like you will be able to spend a ton of time in this world without even touching the main story!

One major point I found interesting, and of some concern, is the fact that the game will have three playable protagonists.  Switching between lead characters in games has always been something I‘ve never cared for as I like to get tied to the story of one character and hate it when I’m forced to switch to another.  Certainly I expect there to be some forced character switches in this game at least at the beginning as they introduce the three but hopefully once you are past that, the switching will be optional.  I’m not sure what other people think of this but my guess is most will find one character that they relate to the most and end up playing primarily that character.

One thing I loved about GTA: San Andreas was the variety of environments in the game.  GTA:IV was a good game and the city was huge but, the game was kind of a let down to me because of the lack of variety in the environment.  It was just a big city.  In GTA:V the variety is back and does it ever look gorgeous!  At the end of the trailer they sneak peaked some multiplayer action going down.  Multi-player was fun in GTA:IV but, thanks to the variety of environments I think it will be way better in GTA:V!

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