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Server Upgrade: 1.5 TB Hard Drives

Last month on November 19th I picked up a pair of Seagate 1.5TB hard drives for the server.  At $139.99 a piece they have the cheapest price per gig for hard disk space as of that date.   At that price … Continue reading

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Another Month, Another Toy

At the end of March I had officially purchased a house.  How do I follow that up in April?  Why with a new Motorcycle of course! During the month of April my brother and I took the state sponsored Motorcycle … Continue reading

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End of March = New House

Yep that’s right.  I am now a homeowner.  Happened a lot quicker than I had expected, but it happened. I picked myself up a nice lil’ bungalow on a lil’ over an acre here in the hometown.  3 bed, 2 … Continue reading

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New TV

If you haven’t heard, I’m in the market for my own place.  I was thinking somewhere around a May time frame however, my parents started getting involved and it’s looking more like a now time frame.  Gee, does it sound … Continue reading

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Big Update(s) Part III

This one I guarantee will be shorter… So I got a new job a few months back.  I started the last week of September, just before the end of the company’s fiscal year so I’m good to go on full … Continue reading

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