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Case Lighting with the CorsairLink Lighting Node and h100i CPU Cooler

Introduction Feeling like my computer needed some modifications I decided it was time to add some lighting to it.  With that big window in the side of it, adding some lights to show off the hardware inside just made sense.  … Continue reading

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iPhone 4

I’ve had my iPhone 4 since July and I gotta say, it’s pretty great!  Now that I’ve had the phone for a couple months I thought it was time to post a brief review. Before I ever seen the phone … Continue reading

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iPhone Review

The last entry was about how I caved in, went against my anti-Apple stance and got an iPhone.  While I still hold my stance on that most Apple products are crap, I do like this one.  After a month of … Continue reading

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Yeah I Bought an iPhone

Well I’ve gone and done it. I never thought it would really happen, but it did. A little over a month ago I was sucked in and got an iPhone. Anyone who knows me knows I am by no means … Continue reading

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DVI to HDMI Cables. Must be the Expensive Kind!

Having the fancy new 1080p LCD TV I now needed a DVI to HDMI cable so I could hook my computer up to it.  I picked one up off NewEgg (great place to get these kind of things for cheap) … Continue reading

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