Southern Caribbean Cruise 2011 GPS Tracks

Whenever I travel a long distance from home I usually like to bring my GPS along.  Last year’s cruise was no different.  Since I figured out how to get GPS tracks and waypoints into Google maps and my girlfriend and I have another cruise coming up soon so cruising is on my mind, I thought it would be cool to share the tracks and waypoints from last year.

Below you’ll find several Google Maps with tracks and way points from each part of our trip.

The Flight Down and Back

These tracks show the path our plane took on the way down and back.

View Cruise 2011 – Flight Down and Back in a larger map

Bridgetown, Barbados

On Barbados we went on a 4×4 Safari that took us on a tour of the island and to Harrison’s Cave.

View Cruise 2011 – Barbados in a larger map

Castries, St. Lucia

On St. Lucia we went on a canopy tour of the rain forest and zip lining in the rain forest. The canopy tour took us all the way up to one of the highest points on the island where we got a great view and could see both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time.

View Cruise 2011 – St. Lucia in a larger map

St. John’s, Antigua

On Antigua we went Kayaking and Snorkling so I left my GPS behind on the ship so as to not risk losing them. I did bring it out after the excursion when we hit the stores in the port. Even though I don’t have tracks, I’ve marked the map with the placed where we Kayaked and snorkeled.

View Cruise 2011 – Antigua in a larger map

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

For St. Maarten we didn’t have an exursion booked before the cruise, but we decided we wanted to do more than just visit the port so we booked an island bus tour. It took use around the island and showed us both the French and the Dutch side. On the French side we stopped at the city of Marigot. After our tour we took a water taxi to the beach with it’s beautiful blue water, white sand and cheap drinks!

View Cruise 2011 – St. Maarten in a larger map

Frederiksted, St. Criox

The last island before we headed back to San Juan was St. Croix. Here we didn’t have an excursion so instead we hopped a taxi over to the historic city of Christiansted and walked aorund there and checked out the shops for a while. Crossing the island it was clear that this was a U.S. territory as it had many U.S. businesses and the the overall feel was very U.S. The gas was the same as it was in the U.S. as well but once you consider that there is a giant oil refinery here then it’s not too much of a surprise.

View Cruise 2011 – St. Croix in a larger map

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This was our last excursion before heading back to the airport to head home. The bus driver had some extra time so we took a quick tour of Ols San Juan including a stop at the capital building. After this tour we went to the Bacardi Rum factory, toured the facility and drank some free samples! Finally it was back to the airport for the flight back home.

View Cruise 2011 – Puerto Rico in a larger map

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