Quad Trip Memorial Weekend 2012

For Memorial Weekend 2012 I went down to the Little Coal River trail system, part of the Hatfield McCoy trail system in West Virginia for a weekend of quad riding.  It was the first trip with the new truck and toy hauler and it was a blast!  Having a camper while riding sure does make the whole experience more enjoyable.  Not that is isn’t enjoyable without a camper, but having one makes everything about camping with quads much more convenient.  Finish riding, go in the camper and change then grab a beer from the fridge.  Awesome!

The trails at Little Coal River were great and offered a good variety of terrain types to keep it interesting.  Over the three days we rode at a relaxed pace for about 65 miles in total.  Below is a Google map of the tracks and waypoints from riding.  Little Coal River was a good time and I’m looking forward to heading down to Hatfield McCoy again for another great weekend of riding!

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GPS Riding Stats 5/26/2012

Daytime With Night Ride
Trip Odometer 23.2 Miles 31.2 Miles
Moving Time 2 Hours 15 Minutes 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Moving Average 10.3 MPH 11.1 MPH
Stopped 3 Hours 14 Minutes 5 Hours 45 Minutes
Overall Average 4.2 MPH 3.6 MPH

GPS Riding Stats 5/27/2012

Trip Odometer 23.11 Miles
Max Speed 49.4 MPH
Moving Time 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Moving Average 9.0 MPH
Stopped 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Overall Average 5.4 MPH

GPS Riding Stats 5/28/2012

Trip Odometer 19.51 Miles
Max Speed 55.4 MPH
Moving Time 1 Hours 22 Minutes
Moving Average 14.2 MPH
Stopped 2 Hour 16 Minutes
Overall Average 5.4 MPH
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