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Case Lighting with the CorsairLink Lighting Node and h100i CPU Cooler

March 31st, 2014 5 comments


Feeling like my computer needed some modifications I decided it was time to add some lighting to it.  With that big window in the side of it, adding some lights to show off the hardware inside just made sense.  In the past I had used a cold cathode tube to light my case which worked well but was limited to a single color.  Today, multi-color or RGB LEDs are common for case lighting and these would be my light source of choice.  With them I could light my case with any color I’d like and be able to change it on the fly. Definitely cool stuff!

When I built my new computer last fall I installed a Corsair h100i water cooler to keep the CPU cool.  One of the features of this cooler is Corsair’s CorsairLink which allows you to monitor the temperature of the water cooler, set the fan speed either based on the temperature or at a fixed speed and even change the color of the little LED that illuminates the Corsair logo on the pump block (color also can be based on temp or fixed) all from an application installed on your PC.  CorsairLink is not limited to just owners of the h100i however.  Corsair sells a module they call the CorsairLink Commander which allows you to control up to 8 channels of CorsairLink accessories like fan controllers, temp sensors and even LED case lighting.  For my computer it was the LED lighting accessory, the CorsairLink Lighting Node, that I was most interested in.

When I first looked into the CorsairLink Lighting Node it seemed like I might need to buy a CorsairLink Commander to use it.  While the lighting node is only $30, the commander runs about $55.  With no plans to use it to control fans (I use the Asus AI Suite software along with the fan headers on the motherboard) the Commander seemed like a lot of extra money to spend just to use the lighting node.  I thought to myself, “maybe I can use the h100i to control it?  It does seem to have a port that isn’t being used that looks just like the ones on the Commander.”  Of course Corsair’s website was no help in determining if the h100i could be used to control the lighting node but, the users of the forums seemed to be indicating that it could.  With fair confidence that it would work I went ahead and ordered it and guess what?  It works!


Unpacking the Corsair Link Lighting Node

The CorsairLink Lighting Node comes in OEM packaging, simply a small pCorsairLink Lighting Node Kit Contentslain brown box with the Corsair logo and a sticker to identify the part. In side the box you will find the following: Read more…