ATV Skool – July 2011

Last weekend I attended an ATV riding event know as ATV Skool. This was my first time at the event not to mention the first time I went out riding this year!  The event is held at a place officially known as the Southington Hunt Club, but is most commonly known as Jeep Skool.  On the first weekend of each month they have Jeeps out there and then on the second weekend they have ATVs.  The location is out in Garrettsville on 1500 acres, owned by an ex Marine who has been doing this for nearly two decades.  The land is pretty nice and offers a little of everything, from your standard mud pits and hill climbs to rock crawls and sand dunes.  A very cool piece of land!  It’s a good time and the owner is strict about keeping it family friendly and the place clean.  It’s a safe place to bring your kids and you won’t find trash all over the place.  The owner maintains it well.

I definitely recommend anyone in the area to attend one of the events.  They are a Saturday plus Sunday affair with a $25 price tag for the weekend.  Camping on the property Saturday night is allowed and there is what appeared to be a brand spanking new shower house in the camping area so you can clean off after riding all day.  For more information, checkout

Of course this wouldn’t be complete without at least one picture or video!  Below is a video of my friend riding his Yamaha Raptor 700 across the mud pit known as Mini Tank Trap!

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