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Camping at Mohican

July 23rd, 2012 No comments

Last weekend my girlfriend, a couple of friends and I went to Mohican for some fun camping, canoeing and hiking.  I had never been to Mohican before so it was all new to me and I found myself pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t realize that Mohican offered as much to see and do.  I thought it was just a place to go canoeing!

During my stay we camped in the toy hauler at Camp Toodik on a great campsite right next to the river.  The site was down a large hill from the rest of the park in a less developed ares making it more secluded.  The site was also very wide so we weren’t bunched up against our neighbors.  At night it was very dark as there are no lights in this park of the campground.  It was about as close to being out in the woods as you can get while still having electric and water hookup.  It was nice!

A note for anyone who wants to stay down by the river at Camp Toodik: the road down is rather steep as well as unpaved.  I would not recommend taking your travel trailer down it unless you have 4WD or a dually else you might not get back up!

While we were there we of course did some canoeing.  We also did some sight-seeing in the park, visiting the Gorge Overlook, climbing the fire tower and hiking from the Cover Bridge to Big and Little Lyon falls to Pleasant Hill Dam and back to the Bridge.  Below is a map that shows some tracks and waypoints from our trip.

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Quad Trip Memorial Weekend 2012

June 1st, 2012 No comments

For Memorial Weekend 2012 I went down to the Little Coal River trail system, part of the Hatfield McCoy trail system in West Virginia for a weekend of quad riding.  It was the first trip with the new truck and toy hauler and it was a blast!  Having a camper while riding sure does make the whole experience more enjoyable.  Not that is isn’t enjoyable without a camper, but having one makes everything about camping with quads much more convenient.  Finish riding, go in the camper and change then grab a beer from the fridge.  Awesome!

The trails at Little Coal River were great and offered a good variety of terrain types to keep it interesting.  Over the three days we rode at a relaxed pace for about 65 miles in total.  Below is a Google map of the tracks and waypoints from riding.  Little Coal River was a good time and I’m looking forward to heading down to Hatfield McCoy again for another great weekend of riding!

View Quad Trip – Little Coal River- Memorial Weekend 2012 in a larger map

GPS Riding Stats 5/26/2012

Daytime With Night Ride
Trip Odometer 23.2 Miles 31.2 Miles
Moving Time 2 Hours 15 Minutes 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Moving Average 10.3 MPH 11.1 MPH
Stopped 3 Hours 14 Minutes 5 Hours 45 Minutes
Overall Average 4.2 MPH 3.6 MPH

GPS Riding Stats 5/27/2012

Trip Odometer 23.11 Miles
Max Speed 49.4 MPH
Moving Time 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Moving Average 9.0 MPH
Stopped 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Overall Average 5.4 MPH

GPS Riding Stats 5/28/2012

Trip Odometer 19.51 Miles
Max Speed 55.4 MPH
Moving Time 1 Hours 22 Minutes
Moving Average 14.2 MPH
Stopped 2 Hour 16 Minutes
Overall Average 5.4 MPH